Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lession 4. Being Human


READ Chapters 3 and 4 of “What Christians Believe”

As this lesson was mostly discussion the notes are limited!

1. On page 31 are the words of Psalm 8. (If for any reason your version does not have it on page 8... look it up in the bible). Write out your own version... using your own words of PSALM 8.

I look up and see all the good stuff You created!
Shiny moon, twinkling stars, all exactly in the right place!
And I'm thinking, “You are so BIG and POWERFUL,
How come You care about a little tadpole like me?”
Yet here I am... not made in the image of a frog... but made in Your image!
Everything working.
Standing tall.
Happy and healthy.
And so darn powerful,
That squirrels scamper up trees at my sight,
And deer won't come near,
And all the critters of creation,
Know that we humans,
Are the Kings and Queens of the jungles,
Seas and mountains.
We rock! We rule!

God, Father, Mother, Creator...
You never cease to take my breath away!
You are the ROCK who rocks my world!”

2. Do you think people are basically good or basically bad? Explain! (May help to read “What me a sinner” on P41 again)
In our discussions we decided that humans are capable of both terrible and amazing things. Though made in the image of God, in each of us that image is tarnished by the mess we make of everything. We are beautifully made, but often broken.

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