Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Assignment 5 Jesus The Son of God

Assignment Five. God the Son.

READ Chapters 5 and 6 of “What Christians Believe”
READ Luke 9:18-20 and 23-25 and answer the following questions
(Put a check mark or x by the ones you agree with)

Who did the crowds think Jesus was?
John the Baptist
A movie Star
Winston Churchill
A prophet come back from the dead
A TV evangelist

Peter answered that Jesus was the Messiah of God. This meant that Jesus was...
Just another religious leader
A soldier in the Jewish Army
The Son of God & King of Israel
A very close cousin of Moses

To say that Jesus was “Son of God” was not enough. The disciples had to be willing to follow Him. What did that mean they had to do?
Forget Self
Be world famous
Wear Sandals and grow long hair.
Take up their Cross
Live their life for Him
Always do their best at sports
Make loads of money

What does it mean to “forget self”?
Never have any fun. Ever.
Be a doormat for everybody.
Be willing to put God number one in your life
Never be involved with social media after 9:00 pm.

What does it mean to “Take up your cross daily”?
Do a Crossword puzzle every day
Wear a little cross around your neck
Be miserable and complain a lot.
Get a Crucifix tattoo
Be willing to do whatever God asks you to do

What does it mean to follow Christ?
Stop going to school and live in a tent
Listen to Him and do what He asks you
Act as you think Jesus would act
Wear a robe and eat strange food
Love as Jesus loved

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